Membership Dues

Membership Page
$5 per
calendar year.
Annual WWARA Membership dues are for the calendar year January 1 through December 31.
(Dues paid after November 1 will be applied to the next calendar year)This includes all membership privilages.

New Coordination Processing Fee

Use the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) to apply.
Send the completed TDS, Cover Letter, and fee to the WWARA mailing address, or electronically to the WWARA Secretary.
$0.00 per
application effective 1/10/2014.
Certificates are good for 5 year periods and may be renewed.Application is no grarantee a frequency will be coordinated.Non refundable.Does not apply to Shared Non Protected (SNP) repeater pairs.  (See Coordination Policies, Section 22.)Note: Effective 01/10/2014 applications may be submitted electronically, as email attachments, sent to the Secretary.

Renewal Coordination Fee

Use the “Technical Data Sheet” (TDS) to apply.
Send the completed TDS to the WWARA mailing address.
 There is no fee for renewing a current coordination.Renewal certificates are good for 5 years. Does not apply to SNP (shared, not protected).