Western Washington Amateur Relay Association

Providing frequency coordination services for Western Washington since 1976.

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WWARA Web Site Map

Home Page
The Home Page for the WWARA web site
Vision Statement
A proposed Vision Statement for WWARA. Please review and comment
Line A
A graphical presentation of the FCC - Line A
Database Access
Members only - access to the database of coordinated repeaters.
Site Map
The Site Map for the WWARA web site (this page)
Who are we?
A description of WWARA, how we are organized, and our mission.
Provides the mailing address for "Technical Data Sheet" applications, change of address, dues, fees, and other mail.  Lists e-mail address for other contact with the officers.
Dues and Fees
Provides information about membership dues and fees for applying for new and renewal frequency coordinations.
Technical Data Form
The "Tecnical Data Sheet" (revised 01/01/2004) is the form used for all the coordination requests. This includes new requests, change of location, change of access mode or system capability, or cancellation of coordination. Side one of this single page form is for providing the requested data and side two has instructions and clarifying information for the side one form.
Virtual Board Meeting
A yahoo list group. To minimize the number of meetings that officers and board members need to attend, an "Virtual Board" meeting was envisioned. Here some of the business is posted to the list. Voting is posted to the list when needed. The Secretary compiles the results for review at the next membership meeting. The business so handled includes reminders of upcoming meetings, band coordination requests, and what-if subjects for the boards consideration. This "Virtual Board" meeting also speeds up the membership meetings by reducing the time spent reviewing details. The "Virtual Board" meeting also means that more of the members are aware of what business is before the board.
Member's Reflector
A yahoo list group.  A reflector address where WWARA members that subscribe can post messages to all subscribed WWARA members.  This list is also used to alert members of upcoming meetings, that minutes of previous meetings are posted on the web, or other subjects of interest to the membership that may be time critical.  If you are a WWARA member and not subscribed, Click on the link to the left and then select "Join This Group!".
Membership Meeting Schedule
Lists the membership meeting calendar showing times and locations. Hopefully they are posted far enough in advance so that more people can attend. Visitors are welcome.
Membership Meeting Minutes
Lists links to the minutes of the previous membership meetings.
Expired Coordinations
Provides a list of expired coordinations that are still within the renewal grace period.  Also contains a list of frequencies that are about to expire.
Useful Links
Provides links to other web pages that may be of interest to repeater operators and users.
Contact List
Listing of the Officers, Board Members, Band Chairmen, Standing Committees, Webmaster, and Adjacent Area Repeater Coordinators.
A copy of the organizations latest revision of the Bylaws.
Coordination Policies
A copy of the organizations latest revision of the policies for coordination of the amateur radio repeater frequencies.
Band Plan
A simplified copy of the Band Plan derived from the Coordination Policies.
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