Western Washington Amateur Relay Association

Providing frequency coordination services for Western Washington since 1976.

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WWARA Online Technical Data Sheet

TDS - PDF format (82 KB)

The Technical Data Sheet (TDS) was revised March 2016.

The first two pages of the TDS are required to be filled out, please use section 12 (System Description) to address any unique features of your repeater.  The instructions for filling out the TDS are included on pages 3, 4 and 5.  A cover letter is no longer required, but please feel free to include one if the application requires additional explanation or documentation.

In an effort to move closer to a 100% digital application process, the TDS will only be made available in the PDF format. (Portable Document Format)  The new PDF is actually a 'PDF Form', this means you will be able to fill out the TDS from within your PDF viewer, save it and e-mail the electronic copy for submission.  One of the benefits of the PDF format is that it is viewable and editable from any computer platform and the software is free.  (And generally installed by default)

If your computer didn't come with a PDF viewer installed by default, you can download a free application from Adobe (creators of PDF) for any major platform.  (https://get.adobe.com/reader/)

If you feel uncomfortable installing special software to fill out the TDS form, there is also a website (http://www.pdfescape.com/) that allows you to upload the PDF and fill it out online.  When you have finished filling it out, you can download a copy of it for submitting.

Note: after uploading the PDF and filling it out, use the save button (looks like a old floppy disk) on the left hand of the window to save your information and the green box with down arrows to download a copy.

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PDF format Reader
You may download a free copy of the Adobe® Acrobat Reader for PDF format.  1) Click Acrobat Reader Icon here, 2) select "Download", and 3) follow the instructions for a copy of the viewer.

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