The WWARA publishes data dumps of the repeater coordination data for Western Washington repeaters, in a computer friendly format. Additional data is included that is not available on the human friendly PDF like the latitude and longitude of the repeater, the expiration date of the coordination and addition things like the various modes the repeater supports. The data is published in what is commonly referred to as a CSV (comma-separated values) file, which is generated nightly.

Current data dump zip archive

The repeater owner (or future repeater owner) can use the information provided to identify potential repeater frequency pairs for coordinating a new repeaters. The current repeater owner can also review when their coordinations need to be renewed. While repeater owners are the primary consumers of this information, regular repeater users can also benefit from the information in these files. Many current radios can be programmed using software either provided by the radio manufacture or 3rd party solutions.

The CSV files published by the WWARA are designed to be generic and able to be consumed the software hams used to program their radios. The WWARA-rptrlist-DATE.chirp file is specific to the open source CHIRP programming software and is the only non-CSV file included.

The data available in the files include the normal repeater information, like the frequency, access mode, a general location description and latitude/longitude. The latitude and longitude for some repeaters has been fuzzed, at the request of the repeater owner. This means it is accurate up to 50 miles, rather than the exact location.

The following files are included in the archive.

  • readme.txt – summary of all files in the archive
  • copyright.txt – copyright notice for files
  • WWARA-rptrlist-DATE.csv – List of all coordinated repeaters in W. Washington
  • WWARA-pending-rptrlist-DATE.csv – List of all pending/proposed coordination applications
  • WWARA-rptrlist-DATE.chirp – All coordinated repeaters in CHIRP file format
  • WWARA-About2Expire-DATE.csv – List of coordinations that will expire in the next six months.