The WWARA started discussing the eventual ‘narrowbanding’ of the WWARA repeater sub-band in western Washington in early 2019. The current state of that effort has been captured in the Narrowband Proposal document. In the first iteration, the 2m and 70cm bands were mapped out and showing the conversion from 20 kHz (for 2m) and 25 kHz (for 70cm) to 12.5 kHz channels.

The plan for 2020 was to begin an outreach effort, sharing this plan and collecting feedback from as many groups in western Washington as possible. The COVID19 situation has made that more challenging, with many of the large events (Comm Academy and Seaside hamfest) being canceled. The slide deck that KU7M has been using is provided for reference, although most of the ‘meat’ of the presentation is in the speaking notes.

To provide a tracking of the effort, a history of the public presentations is also being captured. A big thank you to all the clubs who have been nice enough to host and listen to the presentation.

DateGroup / Club NamePresenter
June 1, 2019SEA-PAC Hamfest 2019, Seaside, ORKU7M
Feb 11, 2020WWDXC Club KU7M
May 7, 2020SnoVARC Club (virtual)KU7M
May 14, 2020Thurston County ARES (TCARES)KU7M
July 21, 2020MicroHAMsKU7M
Aug 14, 2020Radio Amateurs of Skagit CountyKU7M
Who will be next?