WWARA Member meetings are held using Zoom (virtual meeting). The meeting details and the agenda will be posted one week before the meeting here and on the WWARA Groups.io.

Date/Time: May 4, 2024 @ 10:00PDT


  • Call to order
  • Reading of the minutes
  • Officers’ reports
  • Adjacent Administrative Area updates
  • Committee reports
    • 6M/10M Repeaters
    • 2M & 440MHz Repeaters
    • 220MHz Repeaters
    • 900MHz & 1.2GHz Repeaters
    • Database Enhancement Committee
    • Narrow-band Committee
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Adjourn

Zoom Conference Details
Meeting Link: TBD
Meeting ID: TBD
Password: Please visit WWARA Group.

Meeting Minutes for Feb 2024 Meeting: coming soon

Next WWARA Meeting – May 4, 2024